The Airline Industry uses standard pre-flight pilot checklists and passenger announcements for a reason – they should be the same every time they are used in order to ensure that everything required is covered – as GA pilots operate in the same environment, they are advised to do the same.  Examples below ....

PiC BRIEFING spoken out loud to Self (and to P2 if on board)

1. Today we will be taking off on runway _____ 

2. Our departure will be via _______ 

3. Our rotate speed will be _____ knots 

4. Our initial climb will be at _____ knots

5. In the event of any problem prior to rotation, I will close the throttle and bring the aircraft to a halt on the runway. 

6. In the event of engine failure after rotation, and with sufficient runway remaining, I shall immediately close the throttle and land back on the runway using flaps as required.

7. In the event of an engine failure on the climb out and with insufficient runway remaining, I shall immediately close the throttle, pitch for best glide speed, select the most appropriate field for a forced landing (within 30 degrees of the nose) and use flaps as required to ensure a safe landing.

PASSENGER BRIEFING from PiC to passengers (even if they are pilots themselves)

1.  Prior to our flight today, I would just like to ask you for a minute of your time, to allow me to detail the passenger safety information for this aircraft. 

2. Please ensure that you keep your hands and feet clear of the aircraft controls at all times

3. Your seatbelt should remain fastened throughout the flight and should not be removed until advised by me. It is fastened like so (DEMO) …. And released like so (DEMO)…. Adjustments can be made like so (DEMO) …. 

4. As your flight today is not over water, we will not carry any life jackets on board the aircraft.  We carry a fire extinguisher which is located here … and is released from its mounting like so (DEMO) …. there is also a first aid kit located here ….

5. In the unlikely event of us having to carry out a forced landing I would like you to follow the following procedure: Prior to our landing I will ask you to ensure that your seatbelt is tightly fastened. You will then hear me give the instruction to adopt the Brace Position. “Brace, Brace, Brace” The brace position is like this (DEMO)

6. Once the aircraft is safely on the ground and has come to a complete standstill, I would like you to remove your seatbelt, open the door (DEMO Door Latches) and carefully disembark and move away from the aircraft and to the rear and DO NOT RETURN!

7. Do you have any questions?

8. We are now ready for our departure, please ensure your seatbelt is fastened, your mobile phone is turned to Airplane Mode and remains so for the remainder of the flight as it may interfere with some of the aircraft systems. You may of course use the camera function. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!”


Tony Birth