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Building A Dream

Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary

Aerobility is currently undertaking the mammoth task of building its own aeroplane from scratch: Building the Dream - One Rivet at a Time. The project is the first of its kind in that the aircraft (Zenair CH750 STOL) will be entirely built and flown by a team of disabled people. 


Angels Wanted

Be part of something amazing...

Aerobility is a registered charity using the challenges of flight and exposure to aviation as a tool for improving the lives of those with a disability.

Whatever the age and whatever the impairment, be it physical, learning, or mental, or an injury acquired in conflict – Aerobility gives everyone the chance to fly and participate in aviation orientated activities.

Aerobility operates adapted aircraft, supporting equipment and offers specialist instruction to ensure access for all. The charity also acts as a representative body for disabled aviators working with regulators and the aerospace industry to promote access and awareness.

We provide ‘experience of a lifetime’ lessons for individuals and groups, and specialised flying training to disabled people leading to pilot licence issue where possible, along with adapted aircraft hire for disabled licence holders.