Newly qualified disabled pilot Mark Sines fulfills his dream of flying his wife to the Isle of Wight.

Back in April 2016, whilst still training with Aerobility, trainee pilot Mark commented ‘Because I put my family through so much the thought of flying my wife and three children down to see my family in Sandown, Isle of Wight is really motivating me to achieve my Private Pilot’s License (PPL).'

Well we love a happy ending!

Here’s what happened one sunny Saturday last month in Mark’s own words:

“On the 15/9/18 after finishing checking over the plane we set off from Blackbushe and took off, heading to Sandown on the Isle of Wight via Haslemere. 

Clare, my wife, was a little nervous before we set off but once airborne she was so excited and was taking lots of pictures. 

We landed at Sandown Airport on a very bumpy grass runway and meet up with Clare's daughter and her husband. 

We went to the lovely Crab and Lobster pub for lunch and then arrived back at the airfield for her flight around the Needle and over Osborne House to then head back to Blackbushe.

With a lovely landing it was the perfect end to an amazing day and the completion of my 2.5yr long hard journey to becoming a pilot.

Without Clare’s support and the support from Aerobility I would not of completed my childhood dream of becoming a pilot and that's why this day was so special for me.”

mark and clare.jpg
Laura Neaves