Emrys Harries: Secretary.



Emrys is our 'words man' - bringing to bear his ability with written language, forged in advertising and screenwriting, to the charity's benefit. As he says, "I'm better in writing. I should come with subtitles". Emrys edits the Aerobility magazine, and contributes to our website and promotional material.

His motivation for being an Aerobility trustee is through first-hand experience of the frustrations of disability, and the joy of flight.

Forced to retire through MS at 33, Emrys took his first flight in a light aircraft with Aerobility some years later in 2006, on an MS Society Flying Day at Old Sarum. Subsequently he won an FSDP flying scholarship in 2008, and though unable to hold a PPL through his disability, spent a glorious month learning to fly at Goodwood.

Emrys is a keen supporter of the Vulcan to the Sky project, and his wife Bunny works with volunteer airside emergency medical staff at RIAT, RAF Fairford. Their son Rob is an aerospace engineer and student pilot. Daughter Rachel has been flying too, but prefers riding horses!

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Emrys Harries: Secretary.