Aerobility is currently undertaking the mammoth task of building its own aeroplane from scratch: Building a Dream - One Rivet at a Time. The project is the first of its kind in that the aircraft (Zenair CH750 STOL) will be entirely built and flown by a team of disabled people. 


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Building the Dream-One Rivet at a Time.


The project offers a huge challenge to all of those involved; not only will the aircraft be of huge benefit for daily use by Aerobility once it is completed, but the build process offers a great opportunity for all those involved to learn new skills.

These skills range from general aviation knowledge, understanding of the practical aspects of aeroplane building, practical use of tools including planning, measuring, cutting, drilling and riveting – aviation manufacturing and engineering principles. 

The project is fully inclusive and the build process has been optimized using adjustable height benches and specialist workshop tools in order to ensure that anyone, regardless of ability can be involved.

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 18 - 24 






acquired practical SKILLS


We believe that the finished aircraft will most likely be the first aircraft built in the UK by a team of disabled people.


The completed aircraft will be fully adapted with hand controls, thus ensuring it can be used on a daily basis by our licensed disabled flyers for general aviation practice and additionally may be used to provide therapeutic flying experiences for new and current flyers.



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