Acknowledgements: Thanks to my old friend Dirk Brakebusch in Memphis TN who relayed to me the following words of wisdom

In the wonderful world of flying there are rules and there are laws:

·     The rules are made by men who think that they know how to fly your airplane better than you do

·         The laws (of physics) are ordained by nature

You can and sometimes should suspend the rules.

But please remember:

·    The rules are a good place to hide if you don't have a better idea, or the talent to execute it if you do have one

·      If you deviate from a rule, it must be a flawless performance (e.g., if you fly under a bridge, don't hit the bridge)

But you can never suspend the laws.

Your aircraft’s limits are only there in case that aircraft will be required to make a subsequent flight. If no subsequent flights are required, there are no limits.

But please remember:

·         He who demands everything that his aircraft can give him is a pilot

·         He who demands one iota more is a fool

As a pilot only two bad things can happen to you (and one of them will):

·         One day you will walk out to the aircraft, knowing it is your last flight

·         One day you will walk out to the aircraft, not knowing it is your last flight

Tony BirthComment