We hope you are enjoying your flying with us! Various notes will be posted periodically on the blog which are purely intended to serve as safety memory-joggers. They are in no way intended to teach any grandmothers among you to suck any eggs! (Apologies to anyone under 70 who might not be familiar with that adage …. Google it!). This first one is perhaps apposite at this time ……..

Memory Jogger #1 


“Anything that results in an increase in the rate of descent 

as you get closer to the ground is wrong!”

  •  Conduct a stable approach from around 300ft with the A/C in trim at a constant rate of descent.
  • Employ co-ordinated use of power to reduce the rate of descent if required, without resorting to the “chop the power at 50ft” method ...... this usually results in a sudden increase in rate of descent near the ground, leading to bounces………and broken nose-wheels!  There is no point in giving yourself a self-inflicted engine failure at low level is there?
  •  Make sure you acknowledge any miscalculation at an early stage (too high, too fast, too long, “porpoising”). OPT FOR GO-AROUND at the first indication to ensure recovery, as you will probably induce a prop-strike by the 3rd bounce! 


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