Fundraising - Aerobility flight simulator

Aerobiltity officially launches its Global Flight Simulator Challenge 2012 on October 5th. This takes place at Aerobility's base at Blackbushe airport, Camberley.

Aerobility must raise and pay its full cost in the next 12 months. Running and staffing costs over the next five years will amount to over £100,000. 

The aim of the challenge is to raise vital funds to pay for a fully working flight simulator, which Aerobility has purchased from Flightdeck Technology. 

For disabled people, the benefits of flight simulation are even greater than usual as individuals can spend as much time as it takes to learn to use the special controls with disabled limbs or prosthetics. The simulator, fitted with special adaptations, is also used when individuals are too ill to fly in a real aircraft, and so an equivalent life-changing experience can be provided via the simulator.

To raise £100,000 to operate and run the simulator for the next five years, Aerobility is challenging more than 100 pilots to help it enter the record books by virtually flying a simulator around the world. This will involve virtually flying 22,000nm (40,700km) in 10 days with 200h of flying.