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Our outcomes

Hundreds of disabled people participate with us every year, taking trial flights, flight instruction and participating in fun ground-based activities. Going solo or even getting a pilot’s licence is the target of many, with 10+ achieving this goal every year. This isn’t for everybody though, and many participants enjoy the other aviation activities that we provide including simulator sessions and experience days. People participate with every conceivable disabling condition from spinal injury, amputation and multiple sclerosis through to learning and sensory disabilities. Ranging in age from 12 to 92 years old, and in background from school children to wounded service personnel. Our work has led to the development of our own "Turner" hand rudder control adaptation for our Piper aircraft, currently under EASA evaluation, which will shortly be available commercially.

We believe that Aerobility’s work produces many positive outcomes for the people that we meet and the people that we fly. For some people, the chance to get their PPL may be the first step in a new career. For others, taking the controls might give them the confidence to face other challenges in life and discover their ability. Whatever the outcome is, it is always personal and unique. However, below are a selection of examples of individuals who have worked with Aerobility and the difference it has made to their life.