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Key projects

What we're raising funds for:


PA28 fuselage-based flight simulator - which will allow disabled student pilots valuable time acclimatising and adapting to the aircraft physical environment, without the associated expense of actual flight. This can make a difference of many hours, and hundreds of pounds, for a physically challenged student PPL. STOP PRESS! Money raised by the Global Flight Simulator Challenge 2012 has now paid for the simulator - with huge thanks to all concerned. STOP PRESS!

Brand new aeroplanes - with all the benefits of buying new, including much lower maintenance and running costs and warranty. We want to provide a really pleasant and confidence inspiring learning environment for our disabled student pilots - most of whom are much younger than any of our existing fleet, that is costing us more and more to maintain - particularly the avionics. STOP PRESS! A supreme fundraising effort by NATS and Prospect ATCOs Branch has enabled us to start the process by funding our first brand new aircraft - with sincere and heartfelt gratitude from all at Aerobility. STOP PRESS!  


Salary for a Fund Raiser - every charity needs to build a reliable income to ensure its continued existence and to ensure the provision of safe good-quality services to those it supports. This is a real priority for us as we grow to meet demand, particularly as our current resources are overstretched. We need dedicated focus for our fundraising projects and activities.

Paying the bills - we can't get away from the fact that owning and operating aeroplanes is an expensive business. Our commitment to making flight financially as well as physically accessible for disabled people means that every penny we get really helps.