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Capabilities and successes

Through the support of members and sponsors Aerobility operates a mixed fleet of light aircraft, balanced for capability, most being owned outright with others on contract to suit demand. Our main training aircraft are Piper Warrior 161s, adapted so that they can be flown by people with disabilities. Even severely disabled people can be hoisted into the cockpit, using our specially developed hoisting techniques, and electric robotic or manual hoists. We also have a PA32 Cherokee 6, a larger aircraft with more loading capacity which allows us to take larger wheelchairs, power-chairs and a hoist with us on our flights, so that we can operate away from our usual bases without having to bring equipment by road. We will shortly be adding a brand new fuel-efficient Tecnam two seater to the fleet, modified at the factory to meet our requirements. 

These specialised aeroplanes mean that Aerobility can provide trial flights and experience days for the disabled community, as well as Private Pilot's Licence training. Aircraft are also available for hire by qualified disabled members.

Last year through Aerobility 390 disabled people experienced trial instructed flights, 15 disabled people went solo and 5 completed either PPL or NPPL qualifications. These people had every conceivable disabling condition from spinal injury, amputation and multiple sclerosis through to learning and sensory disabilities. They ranged in age from 12 to 92 years old, and in background from school children to wounded service personnel.

Aerobility has operating bases at a number of airfields in the UK: Our headquarters at Blackbushe, Tatenhill in the Midlands, and Prestwick in Scotland. We also fly from many other airfields on temporary detachment.

Our work has led to the development of our own "Turner" hand rudder control adaptation for our Piper aircraft, currently under EASA evaluation, which will shortly be available commercially.