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Aerobility, as a ‘volunteer-led organisation’, are supported by a dedicated and enthusiastic network of volunteers. We couldn’t share the magic of flight without the help of our amazing volunteers, and we always welcome new volunteers to share their skills, passion and enthusiasm with us.

Many would love to be part of our charity, but worry that they are not themselves disabled. Don't worry! That's great - we need the support of able bodied as well as disabled individuals, companies and organisations. Visit the 'Sign up' where you can choose to be a Supporter or Full member by entering your contact details and arranging a regular donation. If you are able bodied, perhaps you can be available to help out on the ground, or in the air? Of course, there's absolutely no obligation - we'll be happy just to have you as a friend.

We have lots of different ways in which people can volunteer their time; anyone with a passion for flight or disability issues will feel at home. Our volunteers currently help us with flying days, events, exhibitions, administrative tasks, fundraising and much, much more. On the left, you will find all the information you need about our current volunteering positions.

Do you have skills that you feel may be useful to us? Don't keep it to yourself...

Visit the 'Join us' page where you can fill out a Volunteer Application form, and we’ll get back to you.