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Volunteer Positions

At Aerobility, we have a wide range of activities that we need volunteer support with. This includes everything from being a flight simulator mentor to helping us keep the carpets clean! Below are a list of the volunteer roles we currently require help with:

Volunteer Instructors

Here's what instructor Stuart told us about helping at Aerobility:

'I love instructing for Aerobility and am so proud to be part of this
pioneering organisation. I instruct powered fixed wing for Aerobility across
4 different aircraft types and the simulator. I am able to fit my other
passions (and flying) in around working with the charity and the uniquely
dedicated staff. I could even be full time if I wanted! The quality and
variation in the flying just teaching for PPL is unrivalled and I learn
something new every flying day from my exceptional instructor colleagues.
Long may I instruct with Aerobility!'

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