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About Allia

Allia's charitable bonds are a simple, secure way to let your savings make money for Aerobility, and for you.

If you put your money in the bank, they'll invest it to make a profit (though they probably won't tell you how). With that profit, they'll pay tax to the government, dividends to shareholders and bonuses to their staff.

When you put your money in a charitable bond, Allia invest it, just like the bank - and tell you exactly where your money goes. They make a profit too, but because they're charitable, they don't pay tax, dividends or bonuses. They only need enough to cover their low running costs, so they can give the rest away as a gift. You can also choose to take a lower return on your investment so Aerobility gets even more.

And here's the clever bit: they give all that profit to Aerobility on day one. By lending at a fixed rate to an AA rated social business, they know exactly what return they'll get in five years' time. So rather than wait five years, they can give it to us now.

Investments can be of any size, starting from as little as £100, so you can keep your money safe for the future, and help to fund Aerobility at the same time.

Read about Aerobility and Allia

"As a small but rapidly growing charity it is important that we explore fundraising from multiple sources to ensure security and the reliable delivery of projects in the future, it was during this process we came across Allia. We were immediately impressed by the simplicity and clarity of their approach to this innovative fundraising method where truly there are no losers. We desperately need boost our operational budget and with Allia helping us to raise funds I think we can get there sooner."

Mike Miller Smith - CEO Aerobility