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What else can I do?

Although flying is our main activity, it’s certainly not the only option.

Trial Flights

A once in a lifetime experience or the beginning of your journey into aviation – trial flights are an ideal way to introduce yourself to the world of flying.

Flight Training

For those that want to pursue the dream of flight, our CAA approved flight instructors can take you through to a Private Pilot’s License and beyond.

Aircraft Hire

We make our aircraft available for private hire to members who hold the necessary qualifications.


To ensure that you meet the necessary qualifications, or just for those with an interest, we run regular Groundschool lessons and provide examination facilities.

Flying Days

We bring Aerobility to you with flying days for disability groups and communities around the UK. Our fleet of aircraft can operate on temporary detachment, and fly into many airfields across the country.

Simulator Sessions

Although you might not think it, staying on the ground can be just as much fun as taking to the air. Our flight simulator can be used for training exercises, introductory sessions before taking to the real aircraft, or as a fun experience.

Mobile Simulator Sessions

Our mobile simulator is a great tool that makes aviation all the more accessible. We can bring it to your community group, school or event and give everyone the chance to have a go at flying without leaving the ground.

For more information on any of the activities above, please contact:
Brian Catchpoole - Operations Manager
0 303 303 1230

Aviation Experiences

For individuals or groups of people with learning disabilities, the combination of our simulator with fun educational projects, model making and tours of the aircraft provide a great activity that is both challenging and unique. We can fit the session around each individual’s needs to ensure that everyone gets the maximum benefit from their time with us.

Aviation Education Programmes

Regular, one on one, sessions with one of the Aerobility team, learning new skills that are based around aviation but transferable to all aspects of life, are a great tool for many people. Each programme will be specifically created based on the individual’s needs, targets and time-scales. These programmes are dependent on the availability of funding, but we will make every effort to find funding where we can.

For more information on any of the activities above, please contact:
Geri Burton – Fundraising and Service Development Coordinator
0 303 303 1230